RSport Rally and Techworks Engineering Complete Knox

RSport Rally driver Scott, Bob and Adam Trinder finished the Knox Mountain hillclimb this past weekend with Scott finishing 3rd in class setting a new personal best time of 2.07.936. RSport Rally entered the Subaru Impreza rally car at the last minute as the Techworks Engineering Datsun 240z engines pistons had not arrived in time to complete the engine for the event. RSport Rally also entered the PIAA-Toyota Corolla with Adam Trinder behind the wheel in the GTO Class.

The RSport Rally Subaru was run in rally spec with the suspension set to full rally height with Bridgestone DOT summer tires. “The Bridgestone Potenza RE750's are great, however, they were quite worn from being run at Targa Newfoundland, and on a pavement hillclimb they did not offer anything close to the grip of a race engineered DOT semi-slick such as the Kuhmo Ecsta V710 which our main competition was running.,” said Scott

On day one the times for the top 3 positions in class were within 6-hundreds of a second. The RSport team tried on the Sunday morning to remove the Subaru's turbo restrictor required by Canadian and US rally rules, however, their attempt from the intake side was unsuccessful, with time running out, leading up to the teams first run they had to button the intake back-up with the Turbo restrictor still in place. “I forgot that the only way to get the restrictor out was to remove the exhaust and Turbo rather than the air intake pipe, it was a shame because the extra power would have likely given us a few extra seconds up the hill and possibly a class victory,” said Scott

“I knew on day two I had to do something different with my driving as my last to runs were only 5-thousands of a second apart and we were unable to get the restrictor out. I decided to run my last to runs in 2 ways. The first run would be full-on rally drift style as the tires were not conducive to running a sticky racing line. I slid the car up the mountain and left the rear bumper cover behind on turn 5 after getting a little to close to the tire wall! The second run would see me driving more smoothly to see if this would be faster, unfortunately the two extremes were slower than my best time and we finished the event 3rd in class,” said Scott

RSport Rally driver Adam Trinder set an amazing time for his first ever entry into the event. Running on street tires Adams best run up the mountain was faster than he expected at 2.08.854. Adams times dropped steadily over the 2 days and he is looking forward to next year. “The hill is a lot of fun. Tires do have a significant impact on times up the hill, next year I will be running on slicks in an effort to better my time up the hill,” said Adam.

RSport Rally's next event is the Mountain Trial Rally held in Merritt BC this June 14/15th.

RSport Rally would like to thank: Techworks Engineering, Ampco Grafix, Richmond Auto Body, Pacific Parts, Pennzoil, Dragon Optical, NGK, AMT Machine Shop

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